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August 2014


So basically let me tell you all my feels during this MV!

When I first clicked on it:

The second the music started:

As soon as Rap Monster started rapping…like a FUCKING BEAST YO!

When Kookie started rapping:

To when Jimin tied into the chorus with the Kookie monster:

To J-Hopes rap:

To the Suga in my tea rapping:


……..So what did you guys think?

(And yes, the new fic will be up soon! i’ve been busy working…like a boss!)

-Admin J

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August 2014

So guys…WINNER though….

….That is all….

What do you guys think?!

-Admin J

August 2014

So how’s everyone doing? It’s been a while since I’ve talked with any of you! So why don’t you send me a message and tell me something or ask me something! 

You know you want to…

So ya you should do that…and then I’ll give you a cupcake! :D

-Admin J

August 2014

Anonymous asked

Hello! I just found this blog woooooop. But, um, do y'all not have any entries for JYJ?

Well first of all, WELCOME! And I hope you enjoy what we have here and our future writings…things…thingys…

Anyways, we don’t have any JYJ stories yet because no one has requested them yet, so if you want one then just send in a request! :D

-Admin J

August 2014

Anonymous asked

♪ Please please please! :D

Finally someone asked! Woohoo! *composes self* Anyways, 

Opening Credits: Don’t Wake Me Up - Chris Brown (that’s kind of funny actually…I could totally see you lying in bed and having trouble waking up now :P)
Waking Up: My Turn To Cry (Chinese Version) - EXO (Because waking up on a Monday morning is actually really sad…)
First Day At School: High End Girl - Primary (Someone is looking all fresh at school!)
Falling In Love: Tonight (Best You Ever Had) - John Legend (Because after falling in love you have those sexy times, right? ;) 
Fight Song: Billie Jean - Michael Jackson (Interesting fight song…)
Breaking Up: Far Away - Tyga (OMG! SUCH A SAD SONG FOR A SAD CONCEPT!)
Life’s OK: Talk Dirty - Jason Derulo (Because like is definitely okay when there are trumpets and someone talking dirty)
Getting Back Together: Believe - Suzie McNiel (Because you believe in your relationship…get it? Get it?)
Wedding:  American Boy - Estelle (Now that’s definitely interesting…do you happen to not be American by any chance?)
Birth of Child: In For The Kill - La Roux (Because children kill your bank account)
Final Battle: Rolling Star - Yui (Because the opening of Bleach can’t give you any more motivation to go into battle)
Death Scene: Together - Demi Lovato (So said…you will always be with your lover in spirit *sobs*)
End Credits: Shut Up and Drive - Rihanna (Because moving on in life is such a reward….how cheesy was that?!)

Well I hope you liked it! 

Send in more guys! :D

-Admin J

August 2014


Yes there is another promotion! So this promotion is for littlepinky82 who has opened up a forum site I might be wrong with the term of what it actually is, but that’s because I have a terrible memory when I’m sleepy

So here’s the link: http://s13.zetaboards.com/The_Quiet_Corner/index/

And I checked it out for you guys and I think some of you will like this kind of thing! So go check it out and tell me about it! 

I’ve never been good at forums because I don’t know how to work one because I’m an old soul, okay?! DON’T JUDGE ME!

So you know what you should be saying, right?


- (technologically challenged) Admin J

August 2014
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Leave a “” in my ask box

and i’ll put my ipod on shuffle and tell you your life soundtrack.

Opening Credits: 
Waking Up: 
First Day At School: 
Falling In Love: 
Fight Song: 
Breaking Up: 
Life’s OK: 
Getting Back Together: 
Birth of Child:
Final Battle:
Death Scene: 
Funeral Song: 
End Credits:


August 2014

Anonymous asked

G-Dragon, smut, idk the situation (just make it really naughty ;P)

GD Smut is coming up! 

-Admin J

August 2014

It’s finally up! i don’t know what it was this past week, but it was like every time I sat down to write I needed to get back up to do something, but i finally got it finished! This goes out to the Anon who wanted Kai to be a loving angora cat! i hope you like it! :D

-Admin J

Warning: Sexual Content

You waited patiently in the coffee shop like you did every night. The familiar smell of the grounded coffee beans filled your nose as you took a sip of the warm liquid from the mug in front of you. You could almost feel his presence as the coffee shop door opened behind you. The sound of his walking stick lightly hit the floor as he made his way to you. His black trench coat flowed behind him as he turned around and took the seat in front of you. He tipped his top hat as his way of greeting you.

“Good evening, my lady.” He said as he looked at you. You felt the familiar feeling your hair standing up on the back of your neck as he looked at you with those dark brown eyes.


“I must apologize for not showing up yesterday, but something had come up.” He explained for his absence the previous night.

“That’s quite alright. May I get you anything?” You offered, but before he could speak the words that were on the tip of his tongue the waiter already stood beside your table with his cup of coffee ready. The waiter disappeared from sight after he placed the mug in front of the mysterious man, like he has done many nights in a row.

“Why bother asking when you already know what I want?” He asked you as he took a sip from his coffee.

“You could possibly change your answer one day.” The familiar smirk played on his lips as he looked at you. He reached out and took hold of you chin using his thumb and index finger. He brought you face closer to his as he said,

“I do not think I’m ready to break such a wonderful bond.” Once he released your chin you sat back in your chair and tried to hide the reddening of you cheeks.

“How has your travelling been?” You asked the traveller. After he told you that he travelled for a living you refused to pry deeper into his occupation. You found it to be a violation of his privacy and he never violated yours, so it was only right to not violate his.

“It has been well. How has your shop been?” He asked about the well being of your clothing boutique that was down the road.

“It is doing exceptionally well, thank you.”

“I am glad. You deserve for it to be doing well.”

“And you deserve to be enjoying your adventures, but here you are, with me.” He shook his head as you showed your insecurities once again.

“I have told you many times before, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than with you.”

“Then allow me to come with you on an adventure one day.” It was the topic that always came up in conversation every few weeks.

“You know you can’t. It is too dangerous for you.”

“But I’ll be careful.” He reached over the table and took one of your hands in his as he gave it a slight squeeze.

“____, let me protect you by keeping you here.” He said softly. You let out a sigh of defeat as you knew that he was right and that you should stay here in your town.

“Since you think it is best, I will stay here.” He nodded his head as he pulled his hand away from yours.

“It is for the best.”


You heard him close the door behind himself as you walked towards your window. The feeling of his soft hands on the sides of your arms made your whole body melt into his being. You felt him begin to lightly kiss the side of your neck. He removed your shall and continued to kiss up and down your skin.

You turned around slowly and took in his face. You removed his top hat and placed it on the side table beside you before you gently wrapped your hands around the back of his neck. You pressed your lips to his and you felt his hands immediately go to your waist. The feeling of him tightening his grip on you and pulling you closer to him excited you.

Your hands slipped under his trench coat and you pushed it down his arms until he allowed it to fall to the floor. You began to un-button his black vest before pulling at the familiar white collar and guide him to your bedroom.

He attacked your lips once again as he laid you down on your bed. His hands began to roam the sides of your body as he continued to press his pelvic into yours. Yours hands stayed on his cheeks as you yearned for his lips; his every touch.

Your fingers began to un-button his shirt, so your fingers could travel his toned torso. His undid your blouse, so he could begin to kiss down your neck. As he peppered your neck and collarbone with kisses you let out a soft moan. Once he reached your breasts he undid the clasp of your bra, so he could have easy access. You moaned as you felt him take turns on each of your breasts, sucking, nibbling, licking.

You placed your hands on his chest and rolled the two of you over. You straddled his waist as you began to place peppered kisses all over his neck and collarbone. You gently kissed his chest and trailed your sweet kisses down his stomach before he pulled you back up, captured your lips and flipped the two of you over again.

You began to feel him undo your trousers, so he could slip his hand into your pants and rub your wet clit through your panties. With one breast in his mouth and his hand playing with your clit, you let out a louder moan than before.

He removed his hand when he was satisfied with how wet you had become. He pulled down your pants and underwear before pulling down his own. He reached for the familiar small package and quickly took out his condom.

Once safely placed over his member he positioned himself in-between your legs. You waited for him to enter you and when you did you felt your eyes close and a moan escape your lips. You were in pure bliss by just feeling him inside of you, but when you felt him begin to push himself in and out your moans became louder and louder as he pushed harder and harder into you.

He leaned towards you and placed his lips on yours. Your hands reached up to his back and you felt your nails begin to penetrate his soft skin. His lightly bit down on your lower lip as you both moaned into each others mouths out of pleasure and ecstasy.

You began to move your hips in time with his as he continued to push himself deeper and deeper inside of you. However, when he pushed himself into a familiar bundle of nerves you couldn’t help, but to scream out of pleasure. He continued to pound himself into your sweet spot, so he could continue to hear you scream into the emptiness that was your apartment.

When he felt your walls begin to clench around his cock he knew that he needed to finish quickly, so he pushed himself to the nth degree in order to please himself and to please you.


As you cuddled up to his familiar chest you took in his scent. You knew that your time with him was limited, so you wanted to savour every bit of it because come dawn he would have already disappeared and you wouldn’t see him until he contacted you again.

You decided that you would take this moment and use it to your advantage. You looked up at him and saw him gently looking at you.



“I love you.” Three powerful words escaped your lips, but you didn’t regret them for a second. You felt him tighten his grip around you as he gently kissed your lips in a passionate kiss before saying,

“I love you as well…more than you will ever know.” And with that you closed your eyes and fell asleep on the man who was mysterious and was extremely private. Any smart woman would run a mile when she found out how private he was, but you stayed because you were not a smart woman, but you were a woman in love.

So when you woke up the following morning you were not surprised to find your beautiful angora cat lying beside you and a note on the pillow case, but you were surprised to see a single red rose. As you picked up the flower you realized it was fake, so you quickly opened up the note and read the one line that was scribbled onto the paper.

I will love you until this rose dies.

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August 2014

So the official EXO Fan Club name is EXO-L….ummmm…..

Like….I don’t….

To be completely honest….

But no seriously….SM….

I think this broke my brain a little….

So instead I’m gonna continue writing this Kai Angora Cat smut fic!

- Admin J