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September 2014





And basically a ton of my friends when it hit 12 this morning with their texts and calls and running into my room:

Anyways, it’s my birthday, so….

Tehe…Gonna go get up to some mischief for my whole day now ^_^


-Admin J

September 2014

You are a beautiful human being! <3

-Admin J

September 2014

This goes out to the Anon who wanted a G-Dragon smut! This isn’t one of my best smuts and I’m sorry for that…I need to get back into the smut writing. I know that I disappeared, but i moved back for uni and i was running all the frosh week events, but now everything has settled down and i can write again! (And my birthday is tomorrow…September 9th…just telling you guys…) I hope you like it! :D

-Admin J

Warning: Sexual Content

Jiyong’s hand slightly raised. His soft flesh pressed itself against his lips as he stared at the love of his life walk down the runway. You looked stunning in your dress and he couldn’t keep his eyes off of you. Even as you turned around and gave your signature wink he had to bite down on his lower lip. You were teasing him without even realizing it and Jiyong couldn’t wait until after the show.


“What’s wrong?” Your boyfriend was acting weird ever since you got into his car to drive home. He barely said two words and now he just sat in complete silence. “Did something happen?” He continued to sit in the drivers seat in silence, so you decided not to push him. He would tell you in his own time.

When the two of your arrived home you followed him to the front door of your apartment. He opened up the door and allowed you to walk in. You turned around when you heard the sound of the door close, but Jiyong’s lips came crashing down on yours. You took a few steps back and leaned up against the wall as his hands wrapped themselves around your waist and pulled you closer. Your arms wrapped around his neck as you deepened the kiss.

You felt his nimble fingers wander the sides of your body. One of his hands reached under your dress and up your thigh. His lips detached themselves form yours as he began to kiss up and down the side of your neck. You felt him suck and nibble on certain spots and that made the slightest moan escape your lips.

The feeling of his index finger entered you made you move your hips slightly. He continued to leave pepper kisses up and down your neck as his finger began to slowly go faster and faster. You moaned a little louder now as your hips began to move in sync with his finger.

When the feeling of a second finger entered you you bit down on your lower lip and moved your hips more. Your boyfriends other hand began to remove the straps of your dress, so he could kiss your collarbone and the top of your breasts. One of your hands moved down to his crotch and you began to rub the bulge that was prominent through his jeans.

You felt him move your bra slightly, so his mouth made contact with your nub. He began to suck and lick your skin and you continued to moan out of pleasure. Your hands began to undo the buttons on his shirt, so you could feel his soft skin against yours.

As he pulled his mouth away form your breasts and his fingers out of you he smiled as you and placed a kiss on your lips.

“I’m not done with you yet.” He mumbled. Without warning he led you to the couch that sat in your family room and lied you down. With the look of hunger in his eyes he began to undo his pants and took off his shirt. You fumbled with your dress, but once you lifted it above your head and threw it off to the side he took his position above you. As he grabbed a condom from one of the drawers in the coffee table he slipped it on his member before entering you.

Moans escaped your lips as he began to pound himself inside of you. Your hands reached up and wrapped themselves around his torso. His lips were pressed against yours and one of his hands were messaging your breasts as he continued to push himself deeper and deeper inside of you.

As he whispered dirty words into you ear you began to feel the familiar not in the pit of your stomach. Once he moved his hand from your breasts and towards your clit you knew that it wouldn’t be long until you climaxed. As he began to rub your clit you felt your walls clench and release your familiar climax. As you rode out your high you heard Jiyong groan as he had reached his before he collapsed on top of you. The two of you lied there in silence for a few minutes as you both began to catch your breaths.

“Where did that come from?” You questioned.

“I blame the dress.” He mumbled against your skin.

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August 2014


So basically let me tell you all my feels during this MV!

When I first clicked on it:

The second the music started:

As soon as Rap Monster started rapping…like a FUCKING BEAST YO!

When Kookie started rapping:

To when Jimin tied into the chorus with the Kookie monster:

To J-Hopes rap:

To the Suga in my tea rapping:


……..So what did you guys think?

(And yes, the new fic will be up soon! i’ve been busy working…like a boss!)

-Admin J

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August 2014

So guys…WINNER though….

….That is all….

What do you guys think?!

-Admin J

August 2014

So how’s everyone doing? It’s been a while since I’ve talked with any of you! So why don’t you send me a message and tell me something or ask me something! 

You know you want to…

So ya you should do that…and then I’ll give you a cupcake! :D

-Admin J

August 2014

Anonymous asked

Hello! I just found this blog woooooop. But, um, do y'all not have any entries for JYJ?

Well first of all, WELCOME! And I hope you enjoy what we have here and our future writings…things…thingys…

Anyways, we don’t have any JYJ stories yet because no one has requested them yet, so if you want one then just send in a request! :D

-Admin J

August 2014

Anonymous asked

♪ Please please please! :D

Finally someone asked! Woohoo! *composes self* Anyways, 

Opening Credits: Don’t Wake Me Up - Chris Brown (that’s kind of funny actually…I could totally see you lying in bed and having trouble waking up now :P)
Waking Up: My Turn To Cry (Chinese Version) - EXO (Because waking up on a Monday morning is actually really sad…)
First Day At School: High End Girl - Primary (Someone is looking all fresh at school!)
Falling In Love: Tonight (Best You Ever Had) - John Legend (Because after falling in love you have those sexy times, right? ;) 
Fight Song: Billie Jean - Michael Jackson (Interesting fight song…)
Breaking Up: Far Away - Tyga (OMG! SUCH A SAD SONG FOR A SAD CONCEPT!)
Life’s OK: Talk Dirty - Jason Derulo (Because like is definitely okay when there are trumpets and someone talking dirty)
Getting Back Together: Believe - Suzie McNiel (Because you believe in your relationship…get it? Get it?)
Wedding:  American Boy - Estelle (Now that’s definitely interesting…do you happen to not be American by any chance?)
Birth of Child: In For The Kill - La Roux (Because children kill your bank account)
Final Battle: Rolling Star - Yui (Because the opening of Bleach can’t give you any more motivation to go into battle)
Death Scene: Together - Demi Lovato (So said…you will always be with your lover in spirit *sobs*)
End Credits: Shut Up and Drive - Rihanna (Because moving on in life is such a reward….how cheesy was that?!)

Well I hope you liked it! 

Send in more guys! :D

-Admin J

August 2014


Yes there is another promotion! So this promotion is for littlepinky82 who has opened up a forum site I might be wrong with the term of what it actually is, but that’s because I have a terrible memory when I’m sleepy

So here’s the link: http://s13.zetaboards.com/The_Quiet_Corner/index/

And I checked it out for you guys and I think some of you will like this kind of thing! So go check it out and tell me about it! 

I’ve never been good at forums because I don’t know how to work one because I’m an old soul, okay?! DON’T JUDGE ME!

So you know what you should be saying, right?


- (technologically challenged) Admin J

August 2014
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Leave a “” in my ask box

and i’ll put my ipod on shuffle and tell you your life soundtrack.

Opening Credits: 
Waking Up: 
First Day At School: 
Falling In Love: 
Fight Song: 
Breaking Up: 
Life’s OK: 
Getting Back Together: 
Birth of Child:
Final Battle:
Death Scene: 
Funeral Song: 
End Credits: